After a talk at Pycon Hyderabad 2017

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    Hello there ๐Ÿ‘‹

    I am Naren. For past 5 years, I have been architecting and building robust and scalable backend systems. I primarily work with Python, Go and AWS cloud but I am always ready to get my hands dirty on other tech stacks. Right now, I work as a Senior Software Consultant at TarkaLabs.

    In my previous startup I helped breaking down a large monolithic Artificial Intelligence platform into microservices architecture, which paved way to scale the production load from 20,000 API calls to 20 million API calls with Python and AWS cloud.

    I started my speaking journey in 2013. My first talk was about RaspberryPi in a meetup happened at ThoughtWorks. From that moment, tech speaking has never ceased to fascinate me. I always think it as a way of giving something back to the community by sharing what I learn.

    I have given 20+ talks in monthly local meetups and a bunch of talks in conferences that happen yearly. While I don't have the contents of most of my old talks, below are the slides and videos for few of my recent talks.

    Concurrency vs Parallelism

    Building and Scaling a serverless logging platform

    IoT meets Serverless

    Write code for humans, not machines

    Don't just stop with your Fibonacci code